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About us - Paintball Arezzo

The 'A.S.D.  Paintballs Arezzo was founded in 2010 by paintballs idea of ​​Francesco, Giacomo, Denise and Sara to bring this wonderful sport as many participants as possible.

Paintball is a sport born in the USA in the early eighties The goal is to eliminate the opponent by hitting him with balls of gelatin vivacementecolorate. The balls are fired by special tools called compressed air markers (markers) Due to the impact velocity of the ball to break contact with the opponent's goal by releasing a stain on the suit .. Once hit by a "paintball" (colored balls) the player is eliminated, to get back to wait for a predetermined time or the beginning of a new game.

As reported by Bob Gurnsey, Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines considered the inventors of the sport, the first game of paintball was played in New Hampshire in 1981. Markers were used to paint used to mark trees to be felled to.

Little by little this game caught on and spread all over the world. The first tournaments with cash prizes began in 1983.

From the eighties onwards, the sport quickly became popular, especially in the U.S. and has gathered a legion of fans and participants worldwide. Games can take place inside buildings or in specially demarcated areas. They can also be carried out either in specially equipped areas that bordered forested areas.

There are no precise rules to play paintball, leaving the objectives, strategies and techniques of play to the imagination of players and ground conditions. The only fundamental rule that you can not compromise on is clothing for the protection of person and adjust the speed of the ball so you can enjoy the complete confidence.