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The Game - Paintball Arezzo
Possible games
• One shot one kill: is the basic rule for the game of paintball, one shot and you're out. Woodland within our field, we start in two teams and the competitors as they are hit with paint are removed immediately from the field and out, the winning team with the last remaining competitor in the field.

• Capture the Flag: The two teams each in their own half have 7 minutes to attack and try to get to take the flag in center field without being "marked". A player can not hit attack and must return to their base for the "respawn" that will allow them back into the game. If upon returning to base with the flag, you're hit by an opponent's flag should be left where it has been hit, the game continues and the player must still get marked at the base and make the stop. The flag can not be launched. The aim of the game: take the flag in the middle of the field and bring it to their base.

• President: The team called stock is composed of 30% of the players on the field (out of 10 players on the field 3), the team called the attack is made by the remaining players.
The stock has as its objective to bring the president on the opposite side of the field at the base of the opposing team, without the President to be marked. If a player is hit, it is deleted permanently. If the president is shot, the attacking team wins. If all the escorts are hit the attacking team wins.

• Attack / Defense: Goal of the game for the attack: eliminate "marking them" all the players of the opposing defense, defense "survive" with only one player in campoli two teams are composed of an attack and defense in respectively the number one twice the other, the components of both class must be declared in advance. The components of the attack will aim to eliminate all members of the opposing defense within the time established. To defend the goal is to survive. Players who are hit are eliminated permanently. Wins if the attack fails to eliminate the defense within the time limit, if the defense wins when the time is at least one player on the field.

• quad biking and paintballing: Unique in Italy to offer you a unique experience. You can spend an entire day with us to address the nature with our quad and then have fun in a wonderful battle of paint
Possibility to combine all the experience offered by quad www.crazyquadtoscana.it a battle of paint

For quotes please contact Francesco 333/5916457

The duration of the games vary from minutes to an hour, of course, the duration depends solely and exclusively intrigues you!


woodsball - Paintball Arezzo
The game takes place inside a forest. It is recommended to wear comfortable sports clothes and not too light, light gloves and hats are recommended to avoid contamination or bandanas hair.

Do not worry! the color of paintballs are biodegradable and washes away from clothing with ease.

The number of players can vary from a minimum of 8 (4 per team) to a maximum of 16 (8 per team). If your group consists of less than 8 people, we aggregated with other groups, remember, you are more and more you will enjoy.

The goal is to recover a witness (flag) in the base of the opposing team and bring in their own without being affected.

A player is eliminated if a paintball hits him and breaks on any part of the body and also on the marker. Breaking the ball leaves a stain of color. In this case the player is PAINTED. If you come up at once painted the marker, shouts OUT! and exit the field quickly while taking up the marker. In this way the other players will know that you eliminato.un player is hit by a ball but does not break, or with a splash of color (if the ball bangs against his shelter), the player is clean and stays in play . cases of dispute, that is when the player hit is sure to be clean, or in any other case of uncertainty, each player can call a referee to control it. Raising the marker and screaming CHECK! the player called the referee for inspection.

Do not you ever shoot a player in check, out to a player who is leaving the field, too close to a player and the referee!
Do not you ever shoot anyone who does not have a marker or the marker has raised.

Safety rules: In the area of ​​the mask should be kept FOREVER. FOR NO REASON YOU CAN 'TAKE AWAY THE MASK IN THE FIELD. For any "discomfort" caused by it, the player can leave the camp, go in the safe and place the mask.
Protected safe area networks (out of the play) the player can not keep the mask, but the markers must have secure caps and must be inserted and always pointing downwards, since there may be people in this area external to the game that do not lead to protection facciali.non you must shoot enemies closer than 3 meters, as close a shot can hurt. If a player is in a position of distinct advantage over another player next (for example if it is unaware of his presence or if it is taken back, or is totally uncovered) the player advantage can simply delete it without firing yelling "YOU ARE UNDER FIRE ! ". If the player shoots a clear advantage to the opponent will be declared OUT both.
In any case, the albitri are always present, so do not be afraid of "injustice" on the rule near the maximum.